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10 Educational Preschool Activities For Kid Development

10 Educational Preschool Activities For Kid Development

Parents play an essential role in creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for their child’s cognitive and creative growth. Through a series of 10 educational preschool life skills activities for kids, this blog aims to provide parents with the tools to foster their child’s preschool development.

1. Figure out emotions

Recognizing emotions is an important part of early childhood development. By understanding emotions, children develop their social skills and become more empathetic. Parents can foster this understanding by encouraging activities such as role-playing, storytelling, and reading books. 

Role-playing, for example, allows children to act out different scenarios and recognize emotions like what’s sad, happy, laughing, crying, expressions, etc.

2. Handprint leaves

Toddlers at this age love creating messes with anything that comes in handy. Why not use it as a way of teaching without messing it up? You can try this activity of making handprint leaves; it combines both drawing and learning elements. 

This way, your child will handprint on a sheet in different colours and learn the names of various colours. And what if they created a mess? Then, you can simply teach him/her to form a new colour by mixing any two of the available colours. Cool, isn’t it?

3. Change the colour of the ice

Here’s a simple yet effective preschool activity for kids to explore colour names and discover how new colours can be formed using other colours. All you need is an ice tray, some water, and a handful of vibrant food colours

Fill the tray with water. Now, ask your child to add drops of different colours to separate cubes. Drop two colours into one cube; watch the magic as they mix! Explain how red and blue make purple, or yellow and blue make green. It’s like a mini science experiment right in your kitchen, and your child’s face will light up with joy.

4. Pick your number

Help your child love numbers early with the help of this preschool activity for kids. Even at three, they can learn numbers and counting, which sets them up for arithmetic later on. Make it fun with activities like “Pick Your Number.” Use simple things, like pebbles and bits of paper with numbers. 

Place the numbers in a bowl and the pebbles on a table. Ask your child to pick a number, then take out that many pebbles. It’s a sneaky way to teach without them realizing it. Turn playtime into learning time effortlessly!

5. Find your name

Make learning personal and exciting with this fun preschool activity for kids. Use simple name cards or magnetic letters to guide your child in recognizing and spelling their name. 

At home, you can do this by simply writing single letters on paper pieces and asking your child to pick the letters of his/her name and put them in sequence. When they learn to spell their name, you can also try spelling the names of other family members. This is a fun and exciting brain development game for kids.

6. Draw a letter (reading while painting)

In our list of preschool activities for kids, we can’t miss this important activity. “Draw a letter” can make learning letters fun and interactive. Provide paper and paint to your child, and allow him to paint letters while exploring their artistic side. 

As they paint their way through the alphabet, your little one simultaneously enhances letter recognition and pre-writing skills, making the learning journey both enjoyable and interactive.

7. Recognizing letters and sounds

Recognizing letters and their sounds is super important for getting ready to read and write. Kids as young as 3 to 5 years old can start learning these skills; that’s when they’re like little sponges, soaking up information to get ready for school.

Make it fun with online games or flashcards. Or, go old-school with chalk and a board. Write a letter or show them letters by drawing. It’s not just letters; it’s the beginning of lots of cool learning. 

8. Sorting activities

Sorting is a cool skill for little ones to learn. It helps them see patterns, solve problems, and understand how things relate to each other. Sorting can happen in different ways—by shape, size, or colour. 

You can do so by letting them sort blocks by shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. Or picking toys from the smallest to the biggest. Sorting by color is fun too; gather things like colored beads or buttons. 

You can use everyday things like food, toys, or clothes for sorting games. It’s a simple yet awesome way to make learning fun and part of playtime!

9. Drawing on the wall

Children often draw here and there on the walls, so why not give them their own space for this sport? On a whiteboard, chalkboard, or wall that can be cleaned easily, your child uses markers or crayons to make their cool drawings. And it’s fun!

This easy and exciting activity lets your child be an artist, helping them get better at using their hands and expressing them. They can draw anything they see around them, which helps parents understand their children better and boost drawing skills for kids.

With a safe and easy-to-clean spot, any wall can turn into a canvas for your child’s awesome drawings. 

10. Reading stories

Reading stories to children has numerous benefits for their cognitive development and overall growth. Reading to children at a young age helps to develop listening skills, improve vocabulary, enhance memory retention, encourage imaginative thinking, and foster a love for learning. 

Parents can make story-time engaging and interactive for young children by using various voice tones, sound effects, and animation. Reading aloud provides a good opportunity to bond with children and stimulate their curiosity. 


Engaging young children in preschool activities is crucial for their cognitive development, social skills, and creativity. Spending time exploring and engaging with the children is an excellent way to support their development and show them they are loved. 

Joonify is a unique platform that focuses on a child’s individual growth and development through its Talent Assessment program. You can determine which areas of your child’s growth need further attention by using our detailed talent assessment report. We know how important it is for us as parents or guardians to know about our child’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. 

These preschool activities for kids can encourage your toddler to develop a love for learning and set them up for a bright future. So start engaging your preschoolers with fun and educational activities today!


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