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5 Simple Tips to Prepare Your Child for School Admission

5 Simple Tips to Prepare Your Child for School Admission

For both parents and children, the school admissions interviews are stressful. With just a little preparation and by following some tips, your children can confidently showcase their shine and unique personality and can also step out from the competition.

Here are five simple tips to equip your child for a successful school admission interview:

School scouting and self-discovery

The journey begins well before the interview itself. Research the schools you’re targeting. Understand their curriculum, teaching philosophy, and extracurricular activities. 

Discuss these aspects with your child, sparking their interest in what aligns with their strengths and aspirations.

School exploration

Plan a visit to the school if possible. Let your child experience the environment first-hand. Look at photos and videos online together, discussing what aspects of school life appeal to them.

Identifying strengths

Encourage your child to explore their interests and talents by discussing their hobbies, favorite subjects, or accomplishments. Building this self-awareness will increase their confidence when interviewed. It’s normal to feel nervous about interviews, particularly for kids.

Practice makes perfect (without pressure)

Practice can help them improve without feeling overwhelmed. Role-playing common interview questions in a relaxed setting can significantly improve their confidence and communication skills.

Question time

Create a list of possible interview inquiries by analyzing the school and common admission interview subjects. These could cover topics such as preferred books, hobbies, or personal strengths and weaknesses.

Playful practice

Turn interview prep into a fun game! Take turns interviewing each other, switching roles between interviewer and child. Encourage them to answer clearly, using complete sentences and eye contact.

Focus on communication

Don’t be afraid to correct minor mistakes in grammar or sentence structure. The goal is to help them express themselves confidently and thoughtfully.

Building social graces and good manners

First impressions matter

Teaching your child basic social courtesies demonstrates their ability to adapt to a new environment.

Politeness pays off

Tell them the importance of greetings, using “please” and “thank you,” and maintaining appropriate eye contact during conversations.

Table manners

Practice proper table etiquette at home. This can help them feel more comfortable during a school lunch or any social event at the school.

Respectful communication

Tell your child to listen to others attentively and respond to their questions politely. Also, discourage them if they interrupt or talk over others.

Dressing for success (without stress)

Fancy outfits can win the occasion, but as your child is going to give the interview, simplicity will show respect for the occasion.

Comfort is key

Choose clothes that are comfortable yet neat. Avoid overly casual attire or clothes with distracting patterns or colors.

Dress code check

A clean and tidy outfit is sufficient and pays with respect to the particular occasion.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Let your child participate in choosing their interview outfit. This gives them a sense of free will and reduces any pre-interview anxiety.

Calming the anxiety and fostering confidence

It’s very normal for every child to feel nervous before an interview.  Here are some ways that can help them overcome their anxiety and boost their confidence.

Positive reinforcement

Help your child to focus on their strengths and the achievements they have made so far. Positive self-talk goes a long way toward combating nerves.

Visualization techniques

Help them to imagine that they are confidently answering the questions and making a good impression on everyone.

Focus on the fun

Let them know that an interview is an exciting opportunity for them to learn more and meet new people.


The goal of the interview for both the school and your child is to see if they’re a good fit. By following these simple tips, you can equip your child with the tools they need to showcase their unique personality and confidently embark on their educational journey. 

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