Joonify Assessment Terms & Conditions

Assessment Terms and Conditions

Learners’ Technology [Private Limited] (“Joonify”) conducts smart assessment(s) to understand a child’s strengths, true talent and overall psychometrics (“Test Analysis”). Based on the assessment report (“Report”) a personalized recommendation of learning needs coupled with the bouquet of courses available, is provided to help parents make better choices by discovering their child’s individual learning needs & help them achieve their true potential for a better future.

  • Joonify hereby clarifies that the said assessment is a voluntary process and no party is coerced or bound to undergo the assessment process without giving express consent for the same. However, where any party refuses to submit to the assessment process after making payment for the same, for any reason whatsoever, Joonify shall have the sole discretion to decide the refund amount and Joonify shall be well within its rights to make necessary deductions in case a refund is warranted.
  • Test Analysis is for self-assessment purposes only; Joonify makes no representations or warranties either express or implied of any other kind.
  • The Report is entirely recommendatory in nature and should not be considered as a conclusive and/or professional comment and/or counsel. We do not suggest a guarantee or warranty of success (or of failure) for any child with reference to any combination of their vocational fitments, aptitude & personality. While all necessary care is taken while preparation of the Report, there can always be scope of variance, and as such the Report should be used only for reference purposes and must be corroborated with professional counsel.
  • The user hereby agrees that the Test Analysis is based purely on the information provided by the parent/guardian and child and Joonify shall not be held liable for any incorrect information provided by either party at the time of Test Analysis or otherwise. The user further agrees to indemnify and hold Joonify harmless of any loss suffered due to such incorrect information.
  • Joonify and its team of counselors / experts hereby exempt themselves of any liability arising out of or in relation to actions taken on the basis of the Report. Such actions/decisions made for the child (on the basis of the report) shall be the sole discretion of the respective parents/guardians.
  • Talent Analysis process and its Report contain private and confidential documents which should be accessed only on the platform provided by Joonify and is meant to be read and accessed by the respective parent/guardian and child only.
  • The Test Analysis process and the Report, and all works related to services provided by Joonify are the intellectual property of Joonify and can be used only on Joonify’s platform. Reproduction or translation of any part of the process by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, beyond that permitted by intellectual property law, without express permission of Joonify, is unlawful and the user agrees to indemnify and hold Joonify harmless in the event of violation of its intellectual property rights.
  • Researchers have suggested that psychometric assessments can be powerful indicators of successful performance in study and / or work activities but can never be deemed to be predictors of future. As such, we expressly disclaim and accept no liability for any loss arising from the use of the assessment services, reports, products, psychometric tools (including any reliance on the predictive validity of any psychometric tool used in connection with any assessment) or the use of our systems or website, any action taken or refrained from, and all decisions taken as a result of or reliance upon anything, including, without limitation, information or advice, contained in the output of any assessment or any reports or sources of information used or referred to therein, or for actual results or future events. We are not responsible for (1) your selection of assessments, (2) your use or reliance on, or interpretation and application of, any assessment, product, psychometric tool or output and/or (3) your decisions based on any assessment, product, psychometric tool or output. Any risks related to the foregoing and the results of any such decisions shall be solely your responsibility.
  • Joonify does not guarantee, represent or warrant that your use of our service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free. Any error caused by factors such as speed of operation of Internet connection, electricity cut offs, technical incompatibility is not the responsibility of the service provider and hence does not imply any liability to Joonify.

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